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Our Site Audit Tool, for larger and small projects, will capture site performance, progress and provide relevant reports in real time without using the paper. The aim of the SnagBricks is to provide an independent audit of a contractor’s on-site work, quality, progress and processes, including compliance with legislative requirements. SnagBricks provide paperless and offline auditing on client’s site. SnagBricks Organize the all auditing items into projects, locations and provide customized reports for sending it to your clients.

An individual or a team can benefit from tools to markup photos, simple issue assignment, powerful filter & sort capability, and generation of PDF audit reports in a choice of unlimited premium themes that will amaze clients and colleagues.

Customizable for a specific trade or industry, SnagBricks is used worldwide for site walks, reporting snagging issues, producing a custom site inspection report, performing risk assessments, tracking construction projects, and much more.

SnagBricks - Site Auditing, Snagging & Punch List

Below are some of the great features that SnagBricks has to offer:
  • Add up to 8 photos per item to ensure all observations are captured in the report.
  • Organize project into locations like floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, etc.
  • Capture any item on your device with multiple photos, title, assign to, created date, completed date, status, tags, priority, descriptions, and multiple comments.
  • Generate and save PDF and Excel reports with multiple professional themes.
  • Customize the report with custom labels title, assign to etc.
  • Generate different revisions of your PDF and Excel reports.
  • Powerful sorting, searching, and filtering of projects, issues & snag lists.
  • Add predefined Item title, assign to, status, Tags, priority, and descriptions.
  • SnagBricks have multiple languages choose your language.
  • Bulk import the photos at a time as Snags.
  • Email the report to any account worldwide, directly from the app.
  • Upload the reports to drive, drop box, Evernote, iCloud.
  • Support to AirPrint so you can print straight from the report screen!

Pure & Simple

Record issues with multiple photos or without photos, annotate the photo with various options, and add comments. Improve your entire auditing process with SnagBricks today. SnagBricks powerful features allow you to use this app for any industry. You can use it as a snag list, punch list, site auditing, and many more...

Great Flexibility

You can define the label for Items like Instead of ‘20 issues', why not say ‘20 inspections’ or '20 Snags'? You can also add your company logo, name, and auditor details with signature to all your reports. You can choose multiple premium themes for your PDF and Excel reports. You can store your PDF and Excel reports on your device with multiple revisions. Manage all your auditing reports with multiple projects and locations.

Awsome Features

Organize issues into projects

Organize issues into projects and locations. You can prepare multiple list by creating projects and prepare the report for different clients.

Unlimited issues into a project

You can add unlimited snags with multiple photos to a project or locations.

Annotate the photo

Annotate a photo with various option. You can also decide the thickness and colour for each object that you want draw on photo.

Share issues for a projects in a team

Multiple team member can work on a project and at the end they can generate one report by sharing option into the app.

Customized reports

You can put the company name, company logo, auditor name, auditor signature and footer on report. You can also provide custom label for snag.

Export reports with various options

Generate the report and export it with Email, Print, Dropbox, Evernote, Into other apps, iCloud, Google drive and iTunes.

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I would of give it 5 stars- this app has everything I need to keep everything organized and labeled...love it! This is a very useful tool, and I actually used it the first day to help me finish a job that was killing me with Punch list details. At some point everyone who has a construction related job will have this App. This is a great tool.

Paul ti002

This app took my business out of old fashion paper works. Very easy to follow and send reports to clients. SnagBricks team also having a very fast response for needed help.

Kevin Walsh

I always thought that people used to pay much for quality. But these guys changed my opinion. The quality exceeds the price many times. I recommend it to everybody. It is gr8 app for site auditing.


This is a great product. It reveals an individual approach to each customer. I liked the level of the provided service.

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